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Kongsi blog dan Menang Hosting 1 tahun

Hi Salam Sejahtera,

Kami adalah penyedia hosting yang masih baru bertapak di malaysia dan kami akan berusaha menawan hati pengguna kami, supaya kami dapat membangun bersama-sama anda.

Kali ini kami akan  Menaja beberapa orang  blogger dan pemilik website dengan hosting 1 tahun secara percuma! Bagaimana?
Kongsikan link website anda atau link blog anda di bawah,


10 x 1tahun hosting Dan pemindahan data 

– 5GB of Disk Space
– 70GB of Bandwidth
– 5 addon Domain
– 1 park domain
– Unlimited E-Mail
– Unlimited MySQL Database
– Unlimited Sub-Domains
– CGI, Ruby(RoR),Perl, PHP
– Softaculous Premium
– Control Panel & FTP


Bagaimana caranya?
anda cuma perlu komen dengan letakkan link blog / website anda dibawah ini.

Bagaimana nak tahu siapa yang layak?
kami akan  hubungi anda, atau yang layak kami akan siarkan di sini,
pada 3/10/2012 | 8.00PM GMT+8


Senang bukan menang hadiah, ayuh kongsikan kepada rakan-rakan anda,

Tarikh Tamat : 30/9/2012  | 8:00PM GMT +8


All You Need To Know About Green Hosting

Now days, there are countless websites for just about every business, organization, institution, corporation, and individual with different styles and sizes and for a wide variety of purposes— may it be to promote, inform, advertise, or what not.  As a result, there are also numerous web hosts that provide service to these websites.

Statistically speaking, the use of the internet all over the world is growing exponentially. Thus, the need for electricity to run all of the servers all over the world is increasing. Experts say that if the use of the internet continues to increase at its current rate, the internet industry will be polluting more than the airline industry ten years from now.

This is an astounding fact for people who are concerned about the environment and green living. Especially for those who are aware of the current problems in global warming and its harsh effects on the environment and the world in general. Because of this, specialists who love the environment have formulated a way on how to make web hosting friendly to the environment which is termed as Green Hosting.

What is Green Hosting?

As mentioned earlier, Green Hosting makes web hosting eco-friendly, but how and in what ways? Now there is a wide variety of answers for this question and it differs from one host to another.

Some companies market themselves as eco-friendly by using solar power for their data centers. Their offices can be 100% powered by wind or solar energy which they generate themselves. Other companies are powered by a combination of wind and solar energy. These types of energy may be generated by the company itself or another company.

Likewise, other companies are eco-friendly because they provide electricity-powered instead of fuel-powered transportation to their employees. Some companies do not use papers in their office to reduce cutting of trees while other companies plant trees and recycle wastes on behalf of the client.

Evidently, there are so many different ways for a web hosting service provider to be eco-friendly. They may have similarities when it comes to operations but there may be a wide gap when it comes to their pricing.

Green web hosts, as they are called, have different pricing schemes depending on their company and the services they offer. And since all of them are the same when it comes to being eco-friendly, it is just fit and practical to choose the web hosting service provider that is cheaper in general.


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