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We value community service and provide FREE iViperhost accounts / Shared Hosting plans based non-profit organizations.

However, Domain registrations are not included in the offer, Send your certificate and Contact number non-profit organizations to to confirm your non-profit status.

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Cloudflare SSL ? How to work

The main difference between a free and paid CloudFlare Universal SSL account is that the free version will only work on modern browsers: it will not support Internet Explorer on Windows XP or Android pre-Ice Cream Sandwich. Site owners can, however, add a banner to their sites warning users that they are using an outdated browser.

 “CloudFlare’s paid plans have always and will always support both modern and legacy browsers,” the company said.

Sites that do not have SSL will default to CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL mode, “which means traffic from browsers to CloudFlare will be encrypted, but traffic from CloudFlare to a site’s origin server will not.” As a result, CloudFlare recommends a certificate on Web servers “so we can encrypt traffic to the origin.”

CloudFlare will publish a blog post later today with instructions on how to set that up. “Once you’ve installed a certificate on your Web server, you can enable the Full or Strict SSL modes which encrypt origin traffic and provide a higher level of security,” the company said.


Existing customers should be provisioned for Universal SSL within 24 hours, though anyone who signed up via a CloudFlare partner will have to wait a bit longer due a technical limitation. New customers will have to wait 24 hours for the free version; paying customers get it automatically.

“Having cutting-edge encryption may not seem important to a small blog, but it is critical to advancing the encrypted-by-default future of the Internet,” CloudFlare concluded. “Every byte, however seemingly mundane, that flows encrypted across the Internet makes it more difficult for those who wish to intercept, throttle, or censor the Web. In other words, ensuring your personal blog is available over HTTPS makes it more likely that a human rights organization or social media service or independent journalist will be accessible around the world.”

Kemaskini Antaramuka Panel Pelanggan

iViperhost komited dalam menyediakan perkhidmatan terbaik kepada pengguna dan kali ini kami membawakan antaramuka panel pelanggan yang baru. Kami memilih untuk menaiktaraf antaramuka panel pelanggan supaya pelanggan lebih selesa untuk menggunakan perkhidmatan yang disediakan serta mempertingkat kecekapan.

Berita baik bagi mereka yang sering menggunakan tablet ataupun telefon pintar untuk berkerja – antaramuka ini akan berubah mengikut kesesuaian saiz skrin.

Antaramuka Baru Panel Pelanggan
Antaramuka Baru Panel Pelanggan

Jika anda mempunyai masalah dengan antaramuka baru ini, sila Open Ticket dan kami akan selesaikan masalah anda dengan segera.

Terima Kasih kerana terus menyokong iViperhost – kami sentiasa mencari jalan untuk memberikan pelanggan kami lebih dari penyedia yang lain.

I am having troubles importing my SQL database, it’s too big!

This can happen as the HTTP post size is limited to a smaller number. The best way to restore your SQL database is by logging into your account using a SSH client. Be sure that you’ve already created your MySQL Database from inside of the control panel before continuing.

  1. Using a FTP client, upload your SQL file to your root directory /home/username/
  2. Start PuTTy or your favourite terminal client.
  3. Connect to your primary domain name with a port number of 22
  4. Enter your cPanel username and password when prompted
  5. Once logged into a console, run the following command: mysql -u your_mysql_user -p your_mysql_db < /home/username/sqlfile.sql **Ensure you replace the fields with your db username/database name and location of the sql file.**
  6. Enter in your mysql user’s password and press enter.

If you are still having troubles importing your database due to size, please open a ticket from inside yourAccount Manager and include details of the .sql filename and which database you would like imported to and one of our agents will complete this for you.